Participant Comments:

3 generation of women“I was expecting to just see a few women and have a good lesson.  Instead, my life got changed.”


“Many who had never been able to witness the power of God’s love through another sister, felt warm and comforted speaking openly and honestly with you and the rest of the women.  We were all lifted up.”

“I'm used to the same old retreats all of the time.  This was really different and had a different feel.  I've never been to anything like this.  I was amazed – overjoyed -- it was truly good for me -- the drawing closer.” 

“You created a safe forum filled with love and encouragement where everyone could feel the presence of God and for the first time, felt compelled to share as if we are united in the Kingdom.”

“It changed the way I looked at myself and the other women in this church.”

“I used to feel so isolated and didn't feel I had any way to connect with the women here at church.  After this retreat, I feel I have so many new friends and feel like I really belong.” 

“This was more functional than I expected.  Usually we hear a lecture from a speaker but by working in the groups, I really learned a lot.”

“I grew closer to my sisters and was reminded of my blessings.”

Follow-Up Comments:

[At church the next day] “There were so many compliments and the women were really bragging about the retreat.  They were on fire and pumped up.  That's odd for this group.  Not only that....the men were excited about the energy the women had.  I had two husbands come up and sincerely say this retreat was the best thing for their wives because of how they were when they came home Saturday afternoon.  Whoo Hoo!”   

“We shared these tools with women from another church and they were blown away at our level of commitment to one another.  There is something about reaching your sisters and understanding them in a way most congregations only dream about.”