David O'Brien, President,
Real World Training

I attended a personal development course taught by Jan MacDougall a couple years ago. As the owner and founder of my own training company where I have personally taught thousands, I was skeptical about attending her course as a "teen." However, my concerns were overcome once her course began. Jan is a very special presenter in that she personally cares about each person attending, which brought out the best in all of us.

What did I learn during the class? Aside from many great insights, I learned the core value that I am the only person who can truly create the kind of life experiences I wish to have. I want to thank Jan MacDougall for helping me learn that valuable lesson.

My company, Real World Training, hired Jan MacDougall to provide business consulting to our management team. Jan had many great insights into our personal strengths and weaknesses that actually changed how we interact as a team. She taught us the importance of "knowing yourself" on a personal basis...in a business environment. She is a talented facilitator who, in the end, led a team of professionals to significantly improve our company.

The experience of working with Jan led to creating a more effective working environment. She is true professional and exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, Jan showed a genuine interest in personally helping each of us, which she accomplished without a doubt.