Fred Lowder, Past Chairman of the Board
Discovery Training


Jan MacDougall's mission is to encourage people by sharing invaluable personal and corporate insights. It has been a blessing and privilege to have Jan participate and be a part of my life for over twenty years. I first met Jan when she was participating in a program similar to what we have in Discovery. Discovery is a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of people to have more abundant and joyful lives.  I was so impressed with Jan. She exemplifies leadership, being real with others, coming honestly and truthfully, straight from her heart. We placed her as the lead facilitator in a major part of the program. Her ability to communicate with people from every walk of life energizing them to higher levels is amazing.


Through the years I have watched Jan as she successfully taught courses at college level, led Christian retreats, done corporate workshops, created and led personal growth seminars and being involved in many avenues and varied formats. I have also observed her in living as a widow, a mother, teacher and wife. She is a woman of high moral integrity, a person of great accomplishment and knows how to meet adversity head on.


At Discovery, Jan has taught, led, and inspired people. She knows what it means to be an example for others, being easily approachable and to be sincere and real with everyone who crosses her path.  Her demeanor is pleasant and friendly.  Jan is a woman who can be trusted personally and professionally. She is capable to meet literally any challenge. I would recommend her without reservation.