• We create opportunities for teens to realize they are not alone in their struggles; judgment is replaced with an empathy that rejects bullying
  • We establish safe environments where confidentiality is respected, honored and continued
  • We set up real-world application of content that literally transforms them in the process
  • We tap into what inspires them, helping them craft goals that accentuate the importance of today’s choices in order to achieve them
  • We guide teens through a self-discovery process that  focuses on how they wish to contribute to society—a first step to a meaningful career pathway
  • We use high tech audio and visual components in varied experiential learning formats to grab participant attention
  • We provide 4:1 teen to adult ratio, so all will have the opportunity to be heard and acknowledged
  • We allow them to be accountable for their own choices and life results by asking reflective questions instead of telling them what to do.
  • We collaborate with sponsor’s personnel to align with organizational needs.