Participant Comments:

spiritual photo“I came into the seminar with a connection to God, but one that I felt was missing something. It was not quite there. Not complete. I took myself to another level in Lighten Up. I opened my heart to God. I accepted Him more and began to feel fullness unlike any other I’ve ever experienced before. Being around like-minded people helped strengthen me.”


“I recognized a very old lie I’ve been believing and how it affected my relationship with God from a young age.  Seeing the truth has moved me to trust God more.”


“I feel now that I can trust God much more and have faith that He does indeed have a plan for me - something I wasn't so sure of before the seminar.  I know He has my back.  I just have to lean on Him more.”


“I now see the Lord as my Encourager – a whole new concept for me. And I’m starting on that journey to concentrate on putting more joy back into my life.”


“I have awakened!!! A weight has been unchained from my heart. I am able to really stare people in the eye knowing that everyone has something good in them and that I will and am making a difference in this world. My journey has just begun and my Lord and Savior is with me every step of the way.”


“I want more of Him and now that the main barrier has been identified and cast down, I’m able to “close the doors” against all my past that held me back.  As they reveal themselves, I’m able to identify and get rid of them.  I just can’t say enough about how my heart has changed.”


“I have known that I have been in a reconstructing period spiritually and have reached numerous points of frustration as I have been focusing on my efforts rather than on God and His love.  I desire to be obedient out of love rather than loving out of obedience.”