Corporate Consulting, Coaching
and Training

Below is a list of corporate workshops available.  We use PowerPoint presentations and handouts are provided.  To reinforce the concepts presented, we use movie clips, music and real-life scenarios.  The workshops can be customized to your corporate needs.


  • True leadership

  • Balance of management vs. leadership

  • Identifying your leadership style

  • Communicating effectively with team members    


  • Identifying what interferes with decision-making

  • Principles

  • Ethics case study 

Effective Communication

  • Motivations and intentions

  • Determining your communication style and that of others

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Listening

Time Management

  • Styles

  • Strategies

  • Purposeful planning 

Change Management

  • Proactive planning

  • Human response

  • Implementation

Business Strategies

  • SWOT analysis

  • SMART goal-setting

  • Executive Coaching