wishing girlWe at Inspired STEPS find academic tutorials are abundant in schools, but tutorials on facing life’s challenges and planning for the future are rare.  We fill that void.

Our message to teens is that circumstances in your life do not define you; “step” up and declare anew who you are!  We have a strategically-designed, motivational, four-day program composed of six-hour sessions based upon principles and processes with decades of success in adult education. At Inspired STEPS, we recommend the implementation of the complete four-day program with Day 1 and 2 done one month, followed by Day 3 and 4 one month later.  Each six-hour session builds on previous learning; although Day 1 or Day 1 plus Day 2 can be done as stand-alone sessions.

DAY 1: Engagement:  How do I treat myself and others?

DAY 2:  Hope:  What type of person am I capable of becoming?

DAY 3:  Achievement:  What is my life purpose?

DAY 4:  Inspired Action:  What skills will further activate my potential?

Designed with sustainable success in mind:

Inspired STEPS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that equips youth who, for whatever reason, are not on track to lead positive, productive and contributing lives. 


Let us help you to help them.

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